Fiona Jackson
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Fiona Jackson (born July 29) is a filmmaker currently based in New Zealand.Born in Bath, England, Jackson moved to California in 1993 where she began her career in the film industry as a stunt performer and assistant for film, television and broadway director Tom Moore (director).She graduated with a BA majoring in Screen and Media with a minor in Philosophy from the University of Waikato, and subsequently an MA in Visual Arts, Moving Image from WINTEC. As part of her master's degree she directed An Evening With Richard O'Brien,An Evening with Richard O'Brien https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=omeUM1UoAk8 a live showcase featuring Rocky Horror's Richard OBrien and New Zealand current affairs television presenter, Mark Sainsbury (New Zealand). A second showcase "Partytime with Richard O'Brien" was filmed at the Founders Theatre in Hamilton, New Zealand, New Zealand in celebration of O'Brien's 70th birthday. Fiona is a PhD candidate studying Independent Filmmaking.She is writer/producerViewfinder magazine http://viewfinder.co.nz/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/Viewfinder_June2013.pdf of feature film Penny Black (film),Penny Black website http://www.pennyblackmovie.com co-written with director Joe Hitchcock,^ Town stars as southern pretender. Franklin County News. 13 November 2012 http://www.stuff.co.nz/waikato-times/franklin-county-news/entertainment/7940660/Town-stars-as-southern-pretender starring Astra McLaren as Penny Black,Perfect Part. 1am Magazine. Issue 15. Oct/Nov 2012 p.144 Anton Tennet as Guy, and Toni Garson as Alex Black.Script Fixed to fit Toni's Star Quality, Piako Post, 1 August 2012 Penny Black was musically scored by the Scorelocks Collective of Jeremy Mayall and Chris Lam Sam.Fiona has two daughters.
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